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Vinpocetine is often used for the treatment of cerebral circulatory disorders such as memory problems, acute stroke, aphasia (loss of the power of expression), apraxia (inability to coordinate movements), motor disorders, dizziness and other cerebro-vestibular (inner-ear) problems, and headache. Vinpocetine Is also used to treat acute or chronic ophthalmological diseases of various origin, with visual acuity improving in 70% of the subjects. Vinpocetine also is used In the treatment of sensor/neural hearing impairment. Hundreds of studies on vinpocetine have been done, often comparing its effects to other cognitive enhancers. One series of studies involved 882 patients with neurological disorders ranging from stroke to cerebral insufficiency. Significant Improvements were found In 62% of the patients. In one of the study, cerebral insufficiency patients were asked to memorize a list of 10 words. Without vinpocetine the subjects were able to memorize an average of 6 words. After a month of treatment the average went up to 10 words. Vinpocetine Is the only supplement that improves cerebral metabolism (glucose and oxygen metabolism, hypoxia (deficient blood oxygenation) tolerance, increased ATP concentration, and increased norepinephrine and serotonin turnover), cerebral microcirculation, and selectively increases blood flow to the brain (improving blood flow to the impaired area without lowering blood flow to other parts of the body). As if the medical uses of vinpocetine were not amazing enough, in one double-blind crossover study, normal, healthy volunteers showed incredible short term memory improvement an hour after taking 40 mg of vinpocetine

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