Ultimate Eye Formula®




Ultimate Eye Formula®

Bilberry fruit, also known as the small European blueberry, is from the same family as the cranberry and are rich in powerful antioxidants known as anthocyanidins and anthocyanins. They have been used for centuries to support eye and vision health. Anthocyanidins and anthocyanins are special carotenoids that have specific antioxidant activity in the eye. The average American diet provides only 823 micrograms of lutein. Research shows that 2-10 milligrams is optimal for eye health. Our Ultimate Eye Formula® is an advanced botanical eye supplement that contains the highest quality extracts available


  • Provides the full potency of lutein (from Calendula officinalis) recommended for maintaining optimal eye health.
  • Contains pure bilberry extract, a botanical long recognized for its ability to support eye health, and added blueberry for additional support.
  • BIL-MAX® (Bilberry Extract) and BLU-MAX® (Blueberry Extract) are the trademarked names for the infused whole fruit extract used to provide a full spectrum extract that mimics the ratio of components naturally found in bilberry and blueberry

Quantity: 30