Non-GMO Ultimate Soy-Spirulina Protein Powder® Vanilla 16oz




Non-GMO Ultimate Soy-Spirulina Protein Powder® Vanilla 16oz

Our Ultimate Soy-Spirulina Protein Powder™ in the great tasting vanilla flavor to help meet all of your customers needs. Soy is a great source of high quality protein for vegetarians or anyone who would like to supplement their diet with extra protein. Soy contains all of the essential amino acids found in meat and dairy necessary for adequate health and also contains nature’s most abundant source of phytonutrients isoflavones. Research suggests isoflavones may help promote hormonal and antioxidant balance, thereby supporting bone, menopausal, cardiovascular and general health. Our great tasting protein powder combines the powerful benefits of soy along with nutrient rich spirulina. Spirulina is a natural way to provide beta-carotene, B vitamins, iron, essential fatty acids and complete protein all packed into a single serving.


  • Contains Earthrise® spirulina and Supro® soy protein powder, two nationally recognized premium ingredients
  • Provides 15 g of high quality soy protein per serving
  • Naturally contains essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids
  • Contains 36 mg of isoflavones per serving, including daidzein, glycitein and genistein compounds
  • Fortified with a variety of essential nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, E, calcium, iron, B vitamins, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium and molybdenum
  • Blended with additional wholesome ingredients such as oat bran, psyllium, bioflavonoids, L-carnitine, bromelain, apple pectin, choline, bee pollen, papain and chlorophyll

Count Size: 16 ounce
Description: Great tasting vanilla powder
Quantity: 1