The Missing Link




Ever heard the saying “What did we do to deserve dogs?” It’s one of our favorites! Whether it be waking us up on the weekend with a big slobbery kiss or playing hide and seek with our favorite shoes, our pups work hard to make sure we are always as happy as can be. Okay… maybe some are still getting the hang of it, but they’re trying! So it only makes sense that we return the favor right?! And what better way to make sure our fur kiddos are as happy as can be than by nourishing them with the extra nutrition they need along with their natural dog food? At The Missing Link®, we create dog supplements that are both tasty and nutritious. After trying our tasty chews, your dog will never look at an old sneaker the same way again! Our natural supplements for dogs are veterinarian-formulated and (most importantly) pet-approved, with whole food nutrition and premium ingredients that are left out of even some of the best commercial pet foods. So, what exactly did we do to deserve dogs? We provide them with the best dog supplements around – The Missing Link®!

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