Suprema Dophilus 5 Billion Units 60




Probiotics provide the human gut with multiple supportive functions. Often referred to as beneficial bacteria, these microorganisms help to digest lactose, protein, regulate bowel motility, and keep the GI tract, in general, functioning optimally. Because a majority of our immune system is housed within the digestive tract, maintaining a healthy gut is essential for overall health and wellness. Many strains of good bacteria exist, but the majority of research has been done on a few selected strains.Today, consumers seek out convenient, cost-effective solutions to their problems. This has normally been a challenge with respect to probiotic dietary supplements due to the need for refrigeration. However, our newest formula offers a shelf stable (no refrigeration necessary) product with a viable cell count guaranteed at the best by date–making it perfect for those with busy lifestyles or travelers.

Bottle Size: 60
Quantity: 1