Slimstyles PGX Granules 5.3 oz




PGX Can: Balance blood sugar levels Lower the glycemic index of meals Support health weight loss Reduce food cravings Tired of diets and products that don’t work? Say goodbye to food fads and starvation diets. Forget about extreme workouts and restrictive lifestyle changes you just can’t maintain. Revolutionary PolyGlycopleX, PGX for short, is the only blend of highly soluble polysaccharides (natural fibres) proven to support healthy weight loss and superior glucose balance. Don’t change your life – change your appetite! Just by adding PGX to every meal. Imagine how much weight you could lose if you didn’t crave those sweets, and those salty, fatty snacks? What if you felt full after eating a small, healthy meal? And what if you could make it through the morning or afternoon without the urge to snack? What if you didn’t need a can of pop to satisfy your sugar craving? The PGX plan has been clinically shown to help end the cravings and hunger that make you eat more, and more often, than you know you should. Willpower? You don’t need it with PGX. Appetite control and a feeling of satiety make all the difference when you’re trying to control your weight. PGX helps reset your metabolism and virtually changes the glycemic index of foods. You crave less, burn more fat and your body redefines the way it handles insulin. Finally Effortless weight loss!

Count Size: 5.3oz
Quantity: 1