Prevagen® is the research discovery that protects your brain cells and improves your memory by replenishing important proteins your body loses in the aging process*. Prevagen is a powerful brain supplement that is proven to work for people over 40. Prevagen has proven to help with memory loss and provide better brain health.* Most of us know how important calcium is for healthy bones and teeth. But did you know calcium plays a far greater role in our body? It is one of the most important components of our overall brain health. It’s the element for millions of cellular reactions and essential for brain cell health. If there’s too little calcium, you cannot think very clearly. If there’s too much, you can’t remember. Prevagen allows you to achieve the right balance so you retain better memory, focus and concentration*. Unlike any other brain pill, Prevagen is a unique brain supplement. Its main ingredient, apoaequorin, has been proven to help with memory loss and provide better brain health. It is well documented that having the correct amount of calcium in our cells is important for our brain to function at peak efficiency. Prevagen contains the calcium-binding protein, apoaequorin, which interacts with calcium and regulates the actions that control the health of cells involved in learning, memory, focus and concentration*. As we age, these protein levels diminish. Prevagen is a healthy supplement for your brain and works to replace these proteins and ensure optimal brain health.*

Bottle Size: 30
Quantity: 1