Policosanol, a mixture of nine high primary aliphatic alcohols, is a derivative of sugar cane wax. Octacosanol, the main component in policosanol, works as a powerful antioxidant to help maintain healthy arteries. Healthy vasculature helps support heart health. In addition to octacosanol, policosanol is made up of eight other aliphatic alcohols that are also helpful in promoting cardiovascular health


  • Main ingredient is octacosanol, a derivative of a wax from sugar cane plants.
  • Contains eight other aliphatic alcohols useful in supporting healthy cholesterol
  • Once daily 20mg vegetarian capsule
  • In one German study, 10-20mg of policosanol showed 21-29% lower LDL and 8-15% higher HDL
  • Made from 100% pure sugar cane from China
  • Standardized to 50% octacosanol
  • Ingredients in policosanol comparable to those used in Cuban studies showing reduction in LDL and increase in HDL cholesterol
  • Gluten free

Bottle Size: 100cc
Count Size: 60
Description: #1 vegetarian capsule
Quantity: 60