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Paw Paw Cell Reg™ is the result of over 20 years of research by retired Purdue professor Dr. Jerry McLaughlin. In the early 1970’s, Dr. McLaughlin was first tasked to find botanical sources of anti-carcinoma potential, and the focus became that of Asimina Triloba, better known as Paw Paw. In his research, Dr. McLaughlin found that it was a source of phytochemcals called acetogenins. He and his graduate students isolated over 40 of these acetogenins, and two of them in particular, bullatacin and bullatalicin, showed powerful promise for anti-carcinoma treatment. A full set of slides narrated by Dr. McLaughlin detailing his work from discovery to trials can be found on the website His work has been the recipient of several awards and countless publications in prestigious journals. He is also in high demand as a public speaker on the topic. After retiring from Purdue, Dr. McLaughlin served as the Vice President of Research and Development for Nature’s Sunshine, and licensed his methods and formula exclusively to NSP. Paw Paw Cell Reg™ is covered by several US patents, and the use of paw paw generically for several purposes has been covered by over a dozen patents belonging to Dr. McLaughlin. Paw Paw is often confused (sometimes intentionally by its competitors) with its cousin graviola. During his research, Dr. McLaughlin tested several brands of graviola that are marketed as “paw paw” or “Brazilian paw paw”. The tests indicated that these graviola products were far inferior to real paw paw. First, the acetogenins found in graviola do not have the potent chemical structure found in the acetogenins in paw paw. Secondly, Dr. McLaughlin found that these products are not standardized—in other words, the amount of acetogenins found bottle-to-bottle, capsule-to-capsule, varied haphazardly. The best graviola product that he tested was found to be only 4% as powerful as paw paw. Typically Paw Paw Cell Reg™ is used in a program with Immune Stimulator. Protease Plus and Thai-Go™ are also often added. However, these products are normally taken at different times of the day than the Paw Paw Cell Reg™.

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