Milk Thistle Extract 175mg 120’s




Milk Thistle Extract 175mg 120's

Milk Thistle, (Silybum marianum) is a spiny leaved plant containing reddish-purple flowers. The seeds of fruits naturally consist of four substances known collectively as silymarin, the most potent of the four being silibin. Milk thistle is widely used for liver cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic fatty liver, liver poisoning and viral hepatitis. It has been shown to provide long term liver support and may even assist with regeneration of liver cells. Silymarin plays a role in displacing toxins binding to the liver and causing the cells of the liver to regenerate at a faster rate. No alternative medicine has been found that shows similar functions in the body. Milk thistle is very popular among those taking certain medications known to cause liver damage. This higher potency vegetarian capsule allows for greater compliance due to its more concentrated dosage. Milk Thistle 350 mg provides twice the extract as our lower potency product in one capsule


  • 100% vegan product
  • Higher potency makes it easier for consumers to get required amounts
  • Standardized to 80% (280 mg) silymarins
  • Highest quality raw material ensures optimum purity, potency and safety
  • Encapsulated in 100% vegetarian capsule
  • Fewer capsules to take leads to better consumer compliance and better results
  • Gluten free

Description: #00 Vegetarian Capsule
Quantity: 50