Liquid Cal-Mag-Zinc




Liquid Cal-Mag-Zinc

Vitamer introduces a new addition to the liquid supplement line with our new Liquid Cal Mag Zinc. Providing optimal amounts of valuable minerals, this easy-to-consume, tasty supplement is great for ensuring bone health, immune support and supplying overall nutrient needs. Many nutrients often compete with each other for absorption in the body, therefore we added minerals in proportionate ratios for proper nutrient assimilation. It is well known that calcium is essential for bone, teeth and muscle health. Magnesium, phosphorous and vitamin D also aid in forming strong bones. Zinc assists a multitude of enzymatic reactions throughout our body. All of these beneficial minerals come together in a convenient liquid delivery system.


  • One serving provides 600 mg Calcium–60% of the Daily Value!
  • Appropriate proportion of magnesium, vitamin D, phosphorous and zinc in relation to calcium content for maximal absorption
  • Delicious tasting natural orange flavor
  • Great creamy, smooth texture
  • Liquid product contains NO preservatives
  • Requires refrigeration after opening
  • Shake well before use
  • Glass bottle packaging
  • Gluten free, vegetarian

Bottle Size: 400 cc
Count Size: 16 oz
Description: Cream-like white liquid
Quantity: 120