IonPod Portable Alkaline Water Container




IonPod Portable Alkaline Water Container

Use IonPod® & Watch Those Acid Levels Drop! Alkalize & Energize Ordinary Tap Water! Our proprietary mineral cartridge uses 13 minerals to transform ordinary tap water. It lasts for up to a year and is easily replaceable. Other water alkalizers cost up to $4000! Save $1000s and buy your IonPod® today! Create Silky Smooth, Fresh Tasting Water In Minutes! Increases Hydration! Alkalizes pH By Up To 2000%! Generates Antioxidant Water! Filters Chlorine & Other Contaminants! Contains Silver & Anti-bacterial Ceramic Spheres! Lab Tests Confirm: The IonPod® Increases the Alkalinity of tap water in less than 5 minutes! Change The Water, Change Your Life! Since 1976,Dr. Martin, has been preaching It’s the water; It’s the water! Most people drink nowhere near enough water and the water they do drink is oxidizing, acid (low pH) and contributes to premature aging. He has proven this in thousands of clinical cases. Today, acidity abounds due to improper eating and drinking habits. This acidity sets the stage for almost every illness you can name. You will be amazed at the health goals you can achieve when acidity is no longer ruling your body. Acidity And Toxicity May Negatively Affect: Skin Mood Breath Digestion Heart Immunity Kidneys Liver Metabolism Inflammation Pain Weight Loss Cellular Health Energy Levels Sugar Levels

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