DHEA 25MG Capsules 120




The decline of DHEA concentrations with aging has led to the suggestion that DHEA could play a role in itself and be implicated in longevity: – Epidemiological evidence has shown that adult men with high plasma DHEA levels are less likely to die of cardiovascular disease. – DHEA has also been shown to increase the body’s ability to transform food into energy and burn off excess fat. – Recently, researchers discovered important anti-inflammatory properties of DHEA. It was known that DHEA can lower the levels of interleukin-6 (IL-6) and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha). Since chronic inflammation contributes to the development of the killer diseases of aging, namely heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and certain types of cancer, supplementation with DHEA, combined with conventional treatment, has been suggested to be potentially therapeutic for improving the quality of life across a wide range of illnesses. DHEA may moderate the production of new brain cells as we age, and when taken collectively with previous broad research suggesting the role of DHEA in enhancing the brain and memory, an important potential role of DHEA in cognitive dysfunctions such as senile dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease, is revealed. Daily DHEA supplementation has also recently been shown to remedy some of the side effects of menopause. DHEA may replace hormone replacement therapy (HRT), as this experiment resulted with all women reporting improvements in menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, without any side effects of any kind. DHEA recently has also been found to reduce risk factors associated with age-related heart disease. DHEA improves blood vessels by stimulating the linings of arteries to produce nitric oxide, a substance that relaxes arterial tension. DHEA for men and women, in youth or in older age, can be considered as a safe, multi-modal anti-aging supplement promoting quality of life and increasing the odds of living longer lives

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