Chinese Ginseng 500 mg




Chinese Ginseng 500 mg

Chinese Ginseng is a Panax ginseng, which refers to Asian or Korean ginseng. Traditional Chinese herbology used Panax Ginseng to strengthen digestion and lungs, calm the spirit and increase overall energy. Ginseng has been identified as an adaptogen due to its ability to help the body adapt to various types of stress. Ginseng is called an adaptogen because it is believed to have a normalizing effect on the body irrespective of the state of health or disease


  • High quality raw material sourced from China and Korea.
  • Contains 500 milligrams of Chinese Ginseng Root Extract.
  • Standardized for a guaranteed potency of 5% ginsenosides.
  • Our product is from white ginseng (versus red).
  • Considered to have cool properties in Chinese herbology

Quantity: 100