I was leaking for ten years. My bladder started to have problems after a hysterectomy 10 years ago. I wore diaper pads and did everything I could to keep the problem private. I took prescription medication for 4 years, but it gave me a dry mouth and dried me up so much that I felt my throat was on fire all the time”, Martha, L., Salem, Massachusetts. Martha is not alone. Based on the latest study reports (National Family Opinion, August 2001), there are estimated 16 million American women who suffer unnecessarily from the effects of involuntary urine loss. Your situation may be different from Martha, you may get wet when you cough or sneeze; you may completely loss control when you feel the sudden urge to urinate; or you may feel you have to go all the time. In many cases, these bladder control issues are caused by weakened bladder muscles. The good news is that you can regain your bladder control naturally! BetterWOMAN – the first clinically tested all natural Chinese herbal supplement – is now available to help you! BetterWOMAN improves bladder control. Here are some facts about BetterWOMAN. • Reduced urinary leakage • Reduced urinary urgency • Reduced frequent urination • Clinically tested. Effective • 20 pure, natural Chinese herbs • Safe. No known side effects • Doctor & pharmacist recommended (Long-term users may also notice increased sexual libido and vaginal lubrication.) Like many BetterWOMAN users, Martha has noticed great improvements within less than 2 months. “I am off medication now, and I can go out whenever I want. I am so happy that I have my body back!” – Martha

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