Bengal Bites® Children




Bengal Bites® Children

Obtaining adequate nutrition is necessary in the development of any child. With the diets of the majority of chidren becoming more deficient in important vitamins and minerals, people are beginning vitamin supplementation at earlier ages. Getting children to swallow tablets can be difficult, and finding an all natural multivitamin that tastes good can also be a challenge. This is why Vitamer’s new Bengal Bites® are the perfect vitamin for children. Kids will enjoy the great natural berry flavor and fun tiger shaped chewable tablets. Parents will love Bengal Bites® because they are an all natural source of 100% RDI of 11 vitamins and minerals for children over the age of four. A portion of each purchase of Bengal Bites® children’s chewable vitamins will be donated to an international organization aimed at preserving the natural habitat of the Bengal tiger


  • Provides 100% RDI of 11 vitamins and minerals
  • Vegetarian
  • Bengal tiger shape makes vitamin appealing to children
  • Flavored with all natural berry flavor, making for a tasty chewable multivitamin
  • Two per day dosage
  • Uses only all natural ingredients, sweetners and flavorings
  • Turmeric added for natural yellow color
  • Contains high-ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) whole fruit blend
  • Portion of each purchase is donated international organization which fights to protect the natural habitat of the Bengal tiger
  • Contains NO artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, yeast, gluten, wheat, egg, or milk products

Bottle Size: 200 cc and 400 cc
Count Size: 60, 120 ct
Description: Chewable Tablet
Quantity: 120