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8 Healthy Foods To Help You Lose Weight *
With all the weight loss mechanisms available today, itís hard to know whatís real and whatís not. Many tips and tricks promote unhealthy habits or suggest damaging pills and surgeries to lose weight. The truth is, just a few changes in your daily diet can help shed the pounds in a safe and natural way. Here are 8 top foods to help promote weight loss:

1.Blueberries: often touted for their antioxidant properties, itís forgotten that these little blue gems are also only 80 calories per serving and pack 4g of filling fiber!

2.Almonds: Full of healthy fats, one study found that people who ate a serving of almonds instead of a serving of crackers for a daily snack actually lost more weight.

3.Dark chocolate: Contains compounds that aid in metabolism. Studies show people who eat dark chocolate 2x a week have lower BMIís.

4.Eggs: Rich in protein and fat to keep you full and stay off the snacks.

5.Salmon: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fat, which have been found to promote weight loss better than low-fat diets.

6.Avocadoes: Rich in fat, fiber and minerals to promote satiety.

7.Leafy greens: Low in calories, high in fiber Ė the best thing to fill up on.

8.Black beans: High in fiber and protein, to keep you full without the calories of a burger.