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Handling Holiday Stress
The holidays can be very stress-filled, if you let it. You choose how you want to react to the stress trigger that you may face.

So, how do you handle the stress? Start from STRENGTH.

Yep, find something that you love about the holidays - it can be a memory triggered by the aromas around you. When you start from a strong, positive place it's hard to feel bad.

Next, get very clear on how you want your holidays ( or the lead up to the holidays) to look. Create a vision of what it looks like. Visualizing is a very powerful tool in creating what you want in you life.

Then get very clear on what the stress triggers are for you. When you know, you can change how you react. If you have to, dig deep in order to create new ways for you to respond. Kick the old habits and limiting beliefs.

Finally - Take ACTION. You can only change things by taking clear, defined actions.

Also, here are the Top 10 Steps for a Stress-Free and Joy-filled Holiday.

1. If it's out of your control - LET IT GO!

2. Shop during the off times. You get more done is less time and encounter friendly (not surly)sales people.

3. Give yourself a holiday shopping time limit - so you don't hit mall overload.

4. Take regular breaks to avoid overload.

5. Down time! We all need it. Take a little extra downtime to reorganize and re-energize.

6. Smile at people you pass. You could just help de-stress their holidays!

7. Stress-free your wallet by giving something from your heart.

8. Do something to get into the holiday spirit. How about Christmas Caroling?

9, Keep up with your meditations. 5 minutes is enough to reconnect.

10. Go out and PLAY! Have a snowball fight, make snow angels and just be a kids for a few minutes.

HAVE A HAPPY, Stress-Free and Joy-Filled Holiday!

You Are An Occasion ~ Rise To It!